007 Moonraker Movie

When a U.S. space shuttle is stolen in a midair hijacking, only Bond can find the evil genius responsible. The clues point to billionaire Hugo Drax, who has devised a scheme to destroy all human life on earth! As Bond races against time to stop Drax's evil plot, he joins forces with Dr. Holly Goodhead, a NASA scientist who is as beautiful as she is brilliant. And 007 needs all the help he can get, for Drax's henchman is none other Bond's old nemesis Jaws, the indestructible steel-toothed giant. Their adventure leads all the way to a gigantic space station, where the stage is set for an epic battle for the fate of all mankind.

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  • Richard Kiel


- From the most exotic locations on Earth, MOONRAKER will take you out of this world!

Moonraker Is Out Of This World

- Outer space now belongs to 007

Where all the other Bonds end . . . this one begins!

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