007 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Movie

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007 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
The most emotional adventure of his career begins for James Bond on a deserted beach where a young woman tries to drown herself. He rescues the girl and for his trouble is attacked by two toughs - the girl's bodyguards. It soon becomes much bigger for 007 - the girl is Teresa Draco, daughter of crime boss Marc Ange Draco, who wants James to marry his wayward daughter, and in return he can provide 007 with information on an even more dangerous criminal leader - Ernst Stavro Bloefeld of SPECTRE. But both James and Teresa find more than they ever bargained for when their paths collide in a vicious pursuit in the snow-capped mountains of Switzerland, an enormous avalanche, and a smuggling ring for germ warfare against the West by Blofeld, who proves most difficult to kill and who exacts a revenge that James can never forget - or forgive.

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  • George Lazenby
  • George Lazenby
  • Telly Savalas
  • Telly Savalas


- Far up! Far out! Far more! James Bond 007 is back!

James Bond 007 is back!

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Action, Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Blockbuster, Bond girl, British, British intelligence, Chase, Exotic locale, Helicopter, London england, Martial arts, Mi6

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