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One hot summer day in 1945, a train pulls into the tiny Californian whistle-stop of Black Rock for the first time in four years. The sole passenger, John J. Macreedy (Spencer Tracy), a war veteran with a crippled arm, gets off the train. He comes to the town to give a posthumous military award to a local Japanese farmer named Komoko whose gallant son died a hero's death in the very battle in which Macreedy lost his arm. The stranger is met with open hostility by the locals who have something to hide. When Macreedy discovers a sinister secret from the past, he gets engaged in a deadly game with ruthless adversaries.

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  • Ernest Borgnine
  • Spencer Tracy


- Suddenly you realize murder is at your elbow! - and there's no way out!

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Thriller, Drama, Western
Martial arts, Murder, Train, Shot in the back, Corruption, Attempted murder, Cult favorite, Racism, Lynching, Research

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