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City of God
The City Of God is one of the most criminal places of Rio-de-Janeiro, many of the poor inhabitants live here in a constant fear of the criminals whose dealings are closely connected with the routine life of the city. Drug-trade, police negligence and an endless poverty are the damnation of these streets. Poor dark-skinned lad finds himself unable to join the criminal business due to his subtle mentality and becomes involved into the art of photography. The boy wants to become a professional photographer and to elude this vicious circle of crime, his neighborhood. In this worldwide acclaimed movie by Fernando Meirelles reality and style are intertwined in one shocking story.

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  • Alice Braga
  • Alice Braga


- 15 miles from man will do anything to tell the world everything.

Based on a true story.

- Drugs Guns Music Love

Fight and you'll never survive..... Run and you'll never escape.

- If you run it will get you. If you stay it will eat you.

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USA, France, Brazil
Thriller, Crime, Drama
Adultery, Motorcycle, Murder, Gun, Robbery, Blood, Blood splatter, Death, Female nudity, Journalism

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