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Cameron Poe is an Army Ranger who was going to go home to his pregnant wife when he got into a fight with three men. He would kill one of them and the other two ran away with the knife they had and because of that he would be convicted of manslaughter. After eight years he would be paroled. He would be part of a group that's being transferred to another prison and flown in a special plane. While in flight a fight breaks out and two of the most dangerous criminals, Diamond Dog and Cyrus the Virus Grissom, would break out from their restraints and take over the plane. When the plane makes it's first stop Poe and friend who's a diabetic and who wasn't given his shot, and all the syringes were destroyed, try to get off but Grissom wouldn't let them. He then tries to alert the authorities but got away. Now the government is considering shooting the plane down but U.S. Marshall Vince Larkin thinks that it's a little hasty and believes that Poe is an ally. When Grissom leads them on a wild goose chase, Poe alerts them to where they are going.

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  • M.C. Gainey
  • Rachel Ticotin
  • Simon West
  • John Cusack
  • Mykelti Williamson
  • Dave Chappelle


- Buckle Up!

Get Ready To Fly

- They were deadly on the ground. Now they have wings.

Welcome to Con Air.

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Action, Thriller
Automobile, Murder, Undercover, Bomb, Convicted felon, Las vegas nevada, Mastermind, Prison, Blood, Person on fire

$101,117,573 (45.1%)
+ Foreign:
$122,894,661 (54.9%)
= Worldwide:
$24,131,738 (2,824 theaters, $8,545 average) % of Total Gross: 23.9%
2,941 theaters

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