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In this thought-provoking science-fiction drama, student math whiz Joan Leaven (Nicole deBoer), ex-con Rennes (Wayne Robson), former cop Quentin (Maurice Dean-Wint), office worker David Worth (David Hewlett), free clinic doctor Helen Holloway (Nicky Guadagni), and autistic man Kazan (Andrew Miller) have nothing in common with each other. But they suddenly find themselves embayed in a seemingly endless labyrinth of interlocking cube-like cells. They have neither water nor food and thus they don't have long to live. None of them knows how and why they were imprisoned but they come to realize that they are pawns in someone's diabolical game where their imprudent actions may cost lives. Some time later they discover that each of them has a unique skill that may aid in their escape. What they must do is to learn to cooperate and coordinate their actions with each other so that they can find a way out.

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  • David Hewlett
  • Andrew Miller


- Don't Look For A Reason... Look For A Way Out

Fear... Paranoia... Suspicion... Desperation

- The Walls Are Closing In.

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Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror, Mystery
Murder, Remake, Twist in the end, Death, Disturbing, Fall from height, Allegory, Independent film, Escape, Acid

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