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Demolition Man
This movie became the real classic superhit between the other action-style films. John Spartan (Stallone) has the deadly foe: his name is Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), and Spartan hunts him down for two years. When Simon takes 30 persons hostage, the building gets blown up during the all-out battle between the cop and the offender. Due to the fact that his efforts was taken for carelessness and the people were killed, Spartan gets accused and sentenced to serve 70 long years in a cryogenic camera. After the penitentiary period (already in the future) Spartan should acquire some peaceful skills such as knitting and cooking, but accidentally he gets to know that Simon is still alive and dangerous. More, Spartan is the only man who can stop this recidivist because all serious crimes and criminals are eradicated in the described future and there is no cop who can struggle against the offender.


- The future isn't big enough for the both of them.

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Action, Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi
Automobile, Chase, Helicopter, Martial arts, Product placement, Explosion, Los angeles california, Death, Female nudity, Mirror

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