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Enemy of the State
In the contemporary world you don't need to be a wizard to change someone's destiny. It takes you only to sit down at the computer. When attorney Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith) becomes the target of corrupt National Security Agency official Thomas Brian Reynolds (Jon Voight), his brilliant career and happy marriage is utterly ruined. Reynolds, who uses the latest high-tech surveillance gadgets and other vast resources of his department, turns him from a law-abiding citizen into a 'serious offender' within a few days. Accused of murder he hasn't committed, Dean finds himself deprived of his prestigious well-paid job, with his family spied on, and his personal information deleted from all electronic databases. It is clear that he is framed. But how can he prove his innocence if he has such a formidable foe? He gets the only chance to clear his name and reclaim his life when he comes into contact with a former intelligence operative and surveillance expert, Brill (Gene Hackman), and learns to turn Reynolds' batteries against himself.


- Es ist kein Verfolgungswahn - Sie sind wirklich hinter dir her (It's no persecution complex - They're really after you.)

In God we trust. The rest we monitor.

- It's not paranoia if they're really after you.

The only privacy left is inside of your head

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Action, Thriller, Drama
Chase, Ex girlfriend, Helicopter, Murder, Political, Satellite, Sequel, Blood splatter, Revenge, Satire

$111,549,836 (44.5%)
+ Foreign:
$139,100,000 (55.5%)
= Worldwide:
$20,038,573 (2,393 theaters, $8,373 average) % of Total Gross: 18.0%
2,517 theaters

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