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In lower Washington State in December 1981, John Rambo, a Medal of Honor-winning former Green Beret, finds that he is the last surviving member of his unit. Disconsolate after finding out the death of his last remaining comrade, he wanders into the nearby town of Hope, WA, where local sheriff Wilfred Teasle gives him a lift - straight out of town; Teasle explains in no uncertain terms that "drifters" like Rambo are not welcome in town. Insulted by Teasle's action, Rambo boldly returns to town and is falsely arrested for vagrancy and resisting arrest. His treatment at the hands of Teasle's deputies grows even harsher, as he is beaten and sprayed with a firehose. When the deputies try to force-shave him, Rambo (briefly flashing back to memories of Communist torture in a prison camp) goes berserk and breaks free; he commandeers a motorcycle and flees into the nearby hills. As the sheriff's posse purses, one belligerent deputy violates orders and tries to kill Rambo - and in the process an accident leaves the deputy dead. Misunderstandings pile up and Teasle shoots Rambo, but Rambo survives and when the posse press their pursuit, Rambo uses his well-honed survival and combat skills to cripple the posse and leave Teasle with a warning to leave him alone - a warning repeated by Rambo's recently arrived former commander, who understands how outclassed Teasle and newly arrived National Guardsmen are against Rambo in the thick forest. Teasle, however, wants Rambo dead, and the pursuit leads to a bloody confrontation and a final plea for and end to the violence.

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  • David Caruso
  • Brian Dennehy
  • Chris Mulkey


- This time he's fighting for his life.

One war against one man.

- A one man war.

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Action, Thriller, Drama
Chase, Motorcycle, Murder, Police, Revenge, Exploding gas station, Fall from height, Title spoken by character, Father son relationship, Anti hero

$47,212,904 (37.7%)
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$78,000,000 (62.3%)
= Worldwide:
$6,642,005 (901 theaters, $7,371 average) % of Total Gross: 14.1%
1,054 theaters

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