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This edge-of-your-seat horror thriller revolves around Anna Veigh (Leelee Sobieski), a qualified art teacher who is not cut out for the rigors of her job in a city school and accepts a job as a nanny watching two seemingly sweet orphans, Flora (Gabrielle Adam) and Miles (Christian Olson). After the death of their parents in a car accident, they live in a remote countryside estate with their uncle, Mr. Laing (Jonathan Fox), who is away on a business trip. After a while, Anna comes to feel uneasy in her new surroundings. She makes a disturbing discovery that her predecessor in the job died under mysterious circumstances. Moreover, she starts to have visions of two ex-employees stalking the estate's grounds but the problem is that they are dead. Anna tries to figure out what the hell is going on.

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  • Leelee Sobieski


- There is nowhere to hide in your mind...

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UK, Luxembourg
Thriller, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Female nudity, Cemetery, Based on novel, Insanity, Suicide, Based on book, Ghost, Mansion, Rape, Atmospheric

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