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The story takes place in China in the 1940s and revolves around Sing (Stephen Chow), a young charming but clumsy hoodlum who aspires to join the legendary "Axe Gang." Meanwhile, the ruthless lord of the most feared gang, Brother Sum (Kwok-Kwan Chan), who wants to dominate everyone, starts terrorizing a slum small neighborhood called Pig Sty Alley. Nevertheless, an old but spry landlord (Wah Yuen), who rules the neighborhood, and his mean wife (Qiu Yuen) go on a warpath to defend their apartment complex and its residents from their villainous usurpers.

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  • Stephen Chow


- A new comedy unlike anything you have seen before

From walking disaster to kung fu master

- So many gangsters...so little time.

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China, Hong Kong
Action, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy
Asia, China, Martial arts, Casino, Robbery, Nudity, Person on fire, Shot in the back, Bus, Flashback sequence

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