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In Niece, France, Mikhail Suverov, a former Russian gangster is chased by two corrupt FBI agents Pellman and Loomis and Mikhail is killed. French police officer Alain Moreau discovers Mikhail is his twin brother he never knew and was given up for adoption. Investigating Mikhail's murder, Alain travels to New York City and assumes Mikhail's identity, where he meets Mikhail's sexy girlfriend Alex Minetti and discovers Mikhail was working for the Russian mob and Mikhail's former boss, Ivan, isn't happy to see Mikhail. Risking everything to discover the truth, and pursued by Ivan, Agent Pellman and Agent Loomis, Alain discovers Mikhail quit the Russian mob and had evidence of the Russian Mob's criminal activities and the two corrupt FBI agent's involvement with the Russian Mob, and Alain sets out to infiltrate the Russian mob and the two corrupt FBI agents and protect Alex, as Alain sets out to avenge Mikhail.

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  • Natasha Henstridge
  • Dan Moran
  • Dan Moran
  • Paul Ben-Victor
  • Frank Senger
  • Donald Burda


- The nearer he gets to the truth, the closer he gets to the edge.

The other side of safe.

- The Other Side of Safety.

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Action, Adventure, Thriller
Chase, Murder, New york, Police, France, Mistaken identity, Russian mafia, Nightclub, Body landing on car, Chainsaw

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