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Raiders of the Lost Ark
Spring 1936. In the thick jungle of the South American continent, a renowned archeologist and expert on the occult is studying fragments of a map, when one of his exploration party pulls a gun. The archeologist pulls out a bullwhip and with such disarms the turncoat, sending him running - thus does Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones stay alive. He and a guide enter a dank and oppressively vast cave that contains several traps created by the ancient race which hid inside a famous handheld statue; Indy barely escapes such traps but is cornered by native tribesmen served by Belloq, an old enemy who arrogantly makes off with the statue, while Indy must flee for his life and escape on a friend's seaplane. Back in the US two agents from US Army intelligence tell him of Nazi German activities in archeology, including a gigantic excavation site in Egypt - a site that an intercepted cable indicates to Indy is the location of the Ark of the Covenant, the powerful chest bearing the Ten Commandments, that the Nazis can use to obliterate any enemy. Indy must recruit a former girlfriend (the daughter of his old professor) and an old chum in Cairo to infiltrate the Nazi site and make off with the Ark, but along the way Indy gets involved in a series of fights, chases, and traps, before the Nazis learn the full power of the Ark.

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- The return of the great adventure.

The creators of JAWS and STAR WARS now bring you the ultimate hero in the ultimate adventure.

- If you don't go to the movies - you won't see...

Indiana Jones - the new hero from the creators of JAWS and STAR WARS.

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Action, Adventure
Blockbuster, Chase, Murder, Explosion, Twist in the end, Blood, Death, Mirror, Person on fire, Fall from height

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