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Reap the Wild Wind
In 1840, there's work on the Florida Keys for honest salvagers (like the Claibornes) and outright pirates like King Cutler, who bribes sailors to cause wrecks. When Capt. Stuart's ship is wrecked, Loxi Claiborne rescues him, falls for him, and travels to Charleston to convince the owners the wreck wasn't his fault; company lawyer Steve Tolliver returns with them to Key West to investigate. Tolliver and Stuart's rivalry for Loxi's hand complicates their swashbuckling adventures in pursuit of Cutler, ending in a trial and a dangerous dive for evidence.


- Cecil B. DeMille's Might Spectacle Of Tempestuois Love...Violence Under And On The High Seas! (1964 poster)

CECIL B. DEMILLE'S MIGHTY SPECTACLE! Men Against Giant Sea Monster 50 Fathoms Down! (1954 poster)

- Cecil B. DeMille's Greatest

Cecil B. DeMille's Greatest Cecil B. DeMille's Greatest (original poster)

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Action, Adventure, Drama
Murder, Sabotage, Ship, Ship wreck, Wedding, Dancing, Dog, Fight, Florida, Lawyer

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