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...The campaign for Texas's independence was inspired by their last stand against the Mexican army during the famous San Antonio siege. Davy Crockett (Billy Bob Thornton) and Jim Bowie (Jason Patric) were among nearly two hundred Texans who held the Franciscan mission that was converted into a military fort in the spring of 1836. Men of all races who believed in the future of Texas were under siege by Mexican forces headed by the dictator of Mexico, General de Santa Anna, for 13 days. Deeds of Alamo soldiers would pass into history as General Sam Houston's war-cry for Texas independence.

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  • Dennis Quaid
  • Jason Patric
  • Patrick Wilson
  • Laura Clifton
  • Ricardo Chavira


- Ordinary men. Extraordinary heroes.

Remember the Alamo

- Remember...

Stand your ground.

- You will never forget

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