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This is the epic story of courage, honor and the destructive power of war. Set in a Burma in 1943, the drama follows British prisoners of war who are ordered by Colonel Saito (Sessue Hayakawa), a remorseless Japanese commander, to build a railway bridge over the River Kwai. Under the leadership of the cool-headed Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness), the prisoners are planning to sabotage the bridge. But all of a sudden Nicholson changes his mind and commands his men to build the best bridge possible as a symbol of British morale. At first, the prisoners admire Nicholson's fortitude but then they are perplexed to discover that he slowly goes mad and becomes obsessed with building an ideal bridge. When American Major Shears (William Holden) escapes from the camp and informs the British commander of the operation, he is assigned to lead a team of commandos to the jungle so as to blow up the strategic structure.

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Adventure, Drama, War
Asia, Blockbuster, British, Sabotage, Train, Fall from height, Beach, Swimming, Bridge, River

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