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The Contract
The widower teacher and baseball and basketball coach Ray Keene lost his wife that died of cancer two years ago. When his teenage son Chris Keene is caught by the police smoking pot, Ray invites him to hike and camp in the woods to increase their bonds. Meanwhile, the mercenary assassin Frank Carden is arrested by FBI after a car accident in the middle of a contract to kill an important target. While Frank is traveling on the road escorted by three FBI agents, his men try to rescue him, but his car falls into a river and is carried by the drift. Ray helps the wounded agent and the cuffed Frank to leave the river, and feels responsible to deliver Frank to justice. The former policeman and stubborn Ray does not listen to Frank's proposal to leave him alone and travel through the woods with Chris, trying to find a safe place. But Frank's men and an undercover agent in the team are chasing the group with different lethal intentions.

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  • Ned Bellamy
  • Ned Bellamy
  • John Cusack
  • John Cusack
  • Bill Smitrovich
  • Bill Smitrovich


- Every Killer Meets His Equal.

The only thing standing between an assassin and his target is a father who must protect his son.

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USA, Germany
Thriller, Crime, Drama
Chase, Helicopter, Gun, Female nudity, Nudity, Father son relationship, Bare butt, Hitman, Machine gun, Assassination

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