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This political thriller set in a South-American country follows Agustin Rejas (Javier Bardem) who had left his law practice for a police detective being to deal with crime and justice more directly. He tracks down the terrorist group which is ready to overturn the current government; these guys practice everything from political pranks to assassinations and bombings. Things get complicated as Agustin begins to suspect his girlfriend of the possible connections with the terrorists. And these suspicions seem to prove to be correct. This taut movie became the directorial first-born of one famous person known well as John Malkovich.

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  • Javier Bardem


- An honest man caught in a world of intrigue, power and passion.

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USA, Spain
Thriller, Crime, Drama
Murder, Political, Bomb, Female nudity, Police, Father daughter relationship, Prologue, Videotape, Arrest, River

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