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The Foreigner
He, who has information, has a long and happy life. However, an international secret agent named Jonathan "Jon" Cold (Steven Seagal) seems to be out of luck. He is hired to deliver a mysterious package from France to Germany. While the content of the package is uncertain, it nevertheless attracts a horde of political corruption and rival assassins who are determined to prevent Cold from getting it delivered. The assignment turns out to be a violent race in which life is at stake. The turn of events can make anyone upset except our super hero Cold.

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  • Jeffrey Pierce
  • Jeffrey Pierce
  • Sherman Augustus
  • Sherman Augustus
  • Deobia Oparei
  • Deobia Oparei


- If they think they can stop him, they're dead wrong.

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USA, Poland
Chase, Martial arts, Title spoken by character, Double cross, Courier, Sweden:15, Norway:15, UK:15, Iceland:16, Netherlands:16

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