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After an airplane trip, a young woman asks Susie's husband, Sam, to keep a doll for her to avoid spoiling the surprise of her daughter's gift. But the real reason is to avoid her partner, Harry Roat, whom she hopes to cheat of the drugs hidden in the doll. Harry discovers her treachery, murders her and leaves the body in Susie's apartment, where he has tracked Sam and the doll. He concocts an elaborate plan, involving Mike and Carlino, small-time hoods, to get Susie, who recently lost her sight in a fire, to reveal the doll's hiding place. They lure Sam away and take advantage of Susie's blindness, posing as an old friend, a police detective, and a father-son pair of eccentrics. Susie eventually catches on and, with the help of her young neighbor, Gloria, shows everyone that she is indeed "a world-class blind lady."

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  • Alan Arkin
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Gary Morgan
  • Gary Morgan


- A blind woman plays a deadly game of survival

The blinds moving up and down. . .the squeaking shoes. . .and then the knife whistling past her ear. . .

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Thriller, Crime, Drama
Murder, Betrayal, Police, Revenge, Corpse, Apartment, Marriage, New york city, Disguise, Hostage

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